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Use your phone to take a picture of any meal and a real live nutrition expert will label your food plate for you! SnapCalorie also uses your phone's depth sensor and our proprietary algorithm to measure accurate portion sizes.
Delectable Delight: A Heavenly Blend of Creamy Coconut Curry Soup. Culinary Elegance: Tender Salmon Perched on Silky Mashed Potatoes, Embellished with a Tempting Garnish.
Southern Comfort: Irresistible Combination of Scrumptious Eggs, Creamy Grits, and Savory Sausage for a Hearty Breakfast Delight. Sizzling Gastronomy: Juicy Steak Graced with an Array of Fresh, Vibrant Vegetables for a Wholesome and Mouthwatering Meal.
A Bounty of Colorful Mixed Vegetables, Harmoniously Blended to Create a Nutritious and Palate-Pleasing Delight. A Scrumptious Ensemble of Fluffy Eggs and Fresh Spinach Leaves, Crafting a Wholesome and Flavorful Salad Delight.

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"The most accurate tracking app I have ever used."
"I've lost 6 pounds already this month!"
"I have no idea how everyone wouldn't want to use this."
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Our nutrition experts assisted with the SnapCalorie algorithm achieve more than twice the accuracy of the averge user logging their own meals.

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