Animation of the SnapCalorie app taking a photo of a plate with a burger, fries, and guacamole and counting calories using AI and computer vision.

The fastest way to track what you eat

SnapCalorie is the first app where you can take a picture of any meal and get an accurate calorie count and nutrition in seconds


Don't let calorie counting slow
down your progress

It's as easy as...

Animation of a user snapping a picture of sushi with a smartphone. SnapCalorie's AI calorie counter will then asses the nutrition visually.
Snap a picture of your meal
Animation of a lemon with loading dots below it. Conveys that SnapCalorie's AI algorithm will take a few seconds to process the calorie count in a photo of food.
SnapCalorie analyzes it for a few seconds
Celebration icon with 750 calories written below it to indicate that after a photo and quick wait SnapCalorie will have done all the work for you in calorie counting.
You're done logging! Easy, right?


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Speed of logging



Become the healthiest version of yourself with a nutrition tracking solution easy enough to stick with

Picture of a woman sitting in a cafe with a coffee and cake taking a photo of her food with SnapCalorie and getting an accurate calorie count.

Photos on the go

Our app is designed to let you take a snap and put your phone down as quickly as possible. No more tedious typing while out with friends and family. Be in the moment and review our AI estimate later.
Picture of a woman cooking in a kitchen while speaking the ingredients into SnapCalorie's voice note recording feature. This highlights her ability to log her calories and nutrition handsfree without touching the phone.

Voice notes at home

With voice notes you can be as specific or vague as you want. Read mass values as you add to your plate for hands free precision or give a quick high level summary to catch up on a day or weekend when you fall behind.

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